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On behalf of our faculty and school community, I want to thank you for considering Padre Pio Academy for your child’s spiritual and educational growth.  We are committed to nuturing the spiritual development of our students while challenging them academically.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our great school.

Teaching Philosophy

The teaching philosophy of Padre Pio Academy stresses the academic development of the student’s mind in accordance with fundamental teaching methods, and the spiritual development of his soul in accordance with traditional Catholic teachings. Our objectives are:

  1. To nurture the student’s love of the Catholic Faith with particular emphasis on the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, daily recitation of the Rosary, and imitation of the saints.
  2. To develop a thorough proficiency in the academic skills and to challenge Each student to realize his full potential through individual attention and Challenging curriculum.
  3. To reinforce an appreciation for the Catholic principles of family loyalty and Values, a lively patriotism, and allegiance to God and country.

Our philosophy also emphasizes the concepts of small class size and individual attention. We stress the development of the qualities of good citizenship, study habits, manners and social behavior.

We reject the modern errors of relativism, humanism, behaviorism and modernism, which have crept into so many secular and religious schools today. So called modern methods of values clarification, sensitivity training, and the like are detrimental to the soul and have no place in the school classroom. Similarly, we do not allow the teaching of sex education, which is properly the role of the parents.



Our Vision

Padre Pio Academy

Padre Pio Academy is a K-12 private, independent, co-educational, college preparatory school, located in Garden Grove that offers a challenging curriculum with the emphasis on the principles of our Catholic faith’s traditional catechism. Our academy will seek to teach the students to think critically, speak effectively, and to write proficiently.

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Padre Pio Academy

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